2018-2019 Film Series

The '60s: Exploring the Limits

This event is part of UNCG's interdisciplinary series "the '60s: Exploring the Limits", a rich and curated lineup of performances, lectures, films and exhibits engaging members of the campus and the broader community throughout the year. For a complete listing of events, visit sixties.uncg.edu.

Personnel support provided by the Department of Political Science, the University Libraries, and the International & Global Studies Program. Special thanks to Peace & Conflict Studies, History, Geography, and Phi Beta Kappa for additional contributions.

Fall 2018 Films


Fog of War (Dir. Errol Morris, 2003 - 107 minutes)

Screening at 6:30 PM in SOEB 120

This Academy Award-winning documentary features Robert McNamara, the former US Secretary of Defense in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, detailing eleven lessons he learned about warfare and diplomacy from his experiences during the Vietnam War.

Discussant: Dr. Jerry Pubantz, Professor of Political Science and former dean of Lloyd International Honors College, UNCG

October 4, 2018

Selma (Dir. Ava DuVernay, 2014 - 128 minutes)

Screening at 6:30 PM in SOEB 120

Nominated for four Golden Globes and two Academy Awards, this historical drama tells the story of the 1965 voting rights march from Selma to Montgomery led by Martin Luther King, Jr., James Bevel, John Lewis, and others.

Discussant: Dr. Elmira Nazombe, Adjunct Professor, Women and Gender Studies, Rutgers University

October 18, 2018

Story from the Corner of a Park (Dir. Trần Văn Thủy, 1996)

Screening at 6:30 PM in SOEB 120 followed by a talk by Dr. Biggs at 7:30 PM.

This documentary chronicles the lives of a Vietnamese couple whose children were born with deformities as a result of the chemicals used during the Vietnam war.

Discussant: Dr. David A. Biggs, Associate Professor of History, University of California, Riverside

November 15, 2018

Lumumba (Dir. Raoul Peck, 2000 - 120 minutes)

Screening time 6:30 PM in SOEB 120

This historical drama tells the story of Patrice Lumumba, the leader of the Republic of the Congo (Congo-Léopoldville) after the country achieved independence from Belgium in June 1960.

Discussant: TBD

Spring 2019 Films

February 28, 2019

Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin (Dirs. Bennett Singer & Nancy Kates, 2003 - 83 minutes)

Screening at 6:30 PM in SOEB 120

This 2003 documentary chronicles the life of civil rights organizer, Bayard Rustin, who helped to organize the 1963 March on Washington.

Discussant: Dr. Danielle Bouchard, Associate Professor in Women's & Gender Studies, UNCG

March 21, 2019

The Edukators (Dir. Hans Weingartner, 2004 - 127 minutes)

Screening at 6:30 PM in SOEB 120; In conjunction with the Global '60s conference.

This crime drama focuses on three anti-capitalist Berlin activists who break into upper-class homes and encounter a former radical activist who had been the leader of the Socialist German Student Union during the 1960s.

Discussant: Dr. Susanne Rinner, Associate Professor of German Studies, Director of Undergraduate Studies in German, UNCG

April 11, 2019

More info coming soon!

Screening at 6:30 PM in SOEB 120​

Discussant: TBD