Presenter Bios

Pedagogy & the First Amendment

  • Mark Congdon Jr, PhD is an Assistant Professor at College of Saint Rose.
  • Yacine Kout and Marina Lambrinou are educators. Their work centers on social justice at UNCG and University of North Georgia.

Academic Freedom & Campus Free Speech

  • Lisbeth Lipari
  • Prof. Craig R. Smith, Center for First Amendment Studies at California State University, Long Beach.
  • Jerry D. Blakemore is General Counsel for UNC Greensboro.

Contested Public Spaces

  • Laura Ricciardi is an Attorney, Professor, Visual Artist. B.A., Yale University J.D., NYU Law.
  • Marcus Hyde is an Organizer for the Homeless Union of Greensboro.

Boundaries of Free Speech & Expression

  • Tom Jackson teaches and writes about Black freedom history at UNCG.
  • Vincent Russell is a communication doctoral student at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Violence, Hate, Control of Free Speech

  • Sarah Hollingsworth is a Teaching Assistant Professor of Communication at Oklahoma State University.
  • David Errera is a graduate student at Duquesne University.
  • Gabriel Cruz, PhD is a full time lecturer that studies Race, Media, & US Society at High Point University.

Talking about Race

  • Sonny Kelly is a doctoral candidate researching the School to Prison Pipeline at UNC-Chapel Hill.