Election 2020 Resources

UNCG Library LibGuide on Elections: https://uncg.libguides.com/govinfo/elections

Early voting in North Carolina begins on October 15, 2020 and ends on Halloween: https://www.ncsbe.gov/ncsbe/

Mail in ballots are due by November 3, 2020, which is also Election Day.


This site was created by librarians at UNCG to help you get the most up to date, reliable information about the 2020 elections in the United States. You'll find information here about the presidential election, state level elections, local elections, polling, and more. Please feel free to share!

REcommended books available via UNcg libraries

Ballot battles: The history of disputed elections in the United States

Edward Foley

E-Book, print available in Jackson Library

Primary Elections in the United States

Shigeo Hirano, Jr.

E-Book available via UNCG Libraries

The future of election administration: Cases and conversations

Mitchell Brown

E-Book available via UNCG Libraries

REcommended films


Available freely online (click title above)

Dark Money

Available to UNCG patrons (click title above)

The Ides of March

Jackson Library call number: DV DRA 11547J


Ask at Jackson Library checkout desk

Journeys with George

Available via HBO


Available via Amazon Video

Hillary (miniseries)

Available via Hulu

The West Wing (TV show)

Available via Netflix

On DVD in Jackson Library


FiveThirtyEight’s Politics Podcast

In the Thick (Podcast)