Depression Treatment and Research Program

From L to R: Dr. Eddington (Director), Chris Walker (RA), Jessica Blackwelder (RA), Kathleen Maloney (Grad Student), Kaitlyn Powell (RA), Jordan Sasiela (Grad Student), Madelyn Neil (RA), and Jaimie Lunsford (Grad Student)

The Depression Treatment and Research Program (DTRP) is part of the Department of Psychology at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. The DTRP lab is dedicated to improving the lives of people suffering from depression through innovative research and clinical services. Specifically, our research focuses on cognitive, affective, and motivational processes in depression and how different types of therapy can help people recover.

Looking for Research Experience?

Research Assistants (RAs) play an important role in the DTRP lab, supporting a variety of projects. RAs are typically UNCG undergraduate students who are enrolled in Psy 433 (Research Experience in Psychology), but occasionally non-student volunteers are permitted to work in the lab. RAs attend weekly lab meetings, receive one-on-one mentoring and feedback, and are active participants in the research process, including such experiences as:

  • Running study participants through lab-based experiments and monitoring online data collection
  • Creating and testing online questionnaires in Qualtrics
  • Assisting with data entry, coding, and basic analyses
  • Conducting independent research projects and papers (for more advanced students or those in the Honors program)

For more information about research experiences at UNCG, see If you are interested in a possible 433 or volunteer position, fill out the form below to have a lab member contact you about opportunities to volunteer in our lab. Selection of RAs is based on the completed application information as well as an in-person interview.