BW Student Application Information

Incoming BW/NC Application Deadline

Fall, Spring, and Full Year Due: mid-January. Consult the study abroad advisor on your campus.

Deadline for Submission of Application: Return the completed application to your home university International Office by their internal deadline, which is usually several weeks before the deadline posted on the BW/NC website.

Please note: Our office must receive the application from your home university International Advisor. We cannot accept application documents directly from students.

US Academic Calendar Dates

Fall: mid-August to December

Spring: January to early May 

Contents of a Complete BW/NC Incoming International Student Application

Please submit your materials in the following order: 

1. Application form

2. Applicant Nomination

3. Study Plan Form (for each institution you have listed)

4. Academic Reference Forms (We recommend two academic instructors.)

5.  Official Language Proficiency Test Scores

6.  Statement of Purpose in English

7.  Photocopy of the credentials page of your passport (or National ID if passport not yet obtained) 

8.  Academic records of all the courses that you have taken at the university level (including previous higher education institutions)

Please email application to:


Acceptance: Acceptance information will be sent to you (the student) directly from your UNC host campus. News of acceptance will not come from BW/NC; it will come directly from the host university campus where you will be studying. Please follow all instructions from your host university campus once you have received confirmation of acceptance.

Orientation: Orientation sessions for incoming international exchange students will be coordinated by your host campus. Each campus holds its own orientation and details may vary by campus. Please check with your host university for details once you have received confirmation of your acceptance.