Todd Nasife

EIST 5100 ePortfolio

Welcome to My ePortfolio!

I am a technology facilitator at a middle school in the Charlotte Mecklenburg School District. I am currently enrolled in UNC Charlotte's Instructional Technology Program for graduate certification. My area of concentration for this program is as a school specialist.

This portfolio is a collection of work I have done in EIST 5100 - Tech Integration in Education. The samples posted here are categorized by the ISTE Standards for Coaches.

Educational Philosophy

Technology integration has become a major component for teachers in the classroom. It is also an area that is constantly changing and can seem impossible to keep up with the latest software and apps. In my role as a technology facilitator, I try to draw on my experience as a teacher and the challenges I have had integrating technology over the past four years. I remember when Chromebooks became a part of my classroom in 2014. I was eager to integrate this new technology into all of my lessons. The possibilities seemed endless, but as I soon found out, so did the challenges. I was very passionate and willing to take on these challenges and was fortunate to have colleagues who gave me the support I needed.

As a technology facilitator, I hope to be a source of support for administrators, staff, and students to help them use the resources we have as best they can. I strive to be flexible and considerate when working with others in this position. Learners come with a variety of experience and comfort levels when it comes to classroom technology. I feel it is important to meet people where they are, listen to what they need, and provide them the necessary training. In doing this, I believe we can then teach our students how to use this technology beyond content and standards. We can educate all students to be good digital citizens and use technology in a positive and productive manner.

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