Definition Paper

Definition of Instructional Systems Technology Paper

Todd Nasife - EIST 6100 - Definition Paper


This was the most difficult assignment for me to do in this course. One of the biggest challenges with this was that I am fairly new to the position of technology facilitator. I feel like I am still learning a lot of what is required of me and what fits and doesn't fit into this program. Another challenge was that the readings offered so many perspectives on what instructional systems technology is that I found it hard to organize it and connect it to my position. I struggled with this paper, however, I realize the importance of it and why it had to be done early on in the course. It is essential to know what this field is in a broad, general sense and also how it can be defined for your particular position and the work you do.

This is one of those assignments that I hope to return to after some time has passed, make a copy of it and rewrite it based on new experiences. I also have a blog that I try to add to monthly and this paper might be something I work on as a post for the next school year.