What is the UNC Asheville Bulldog ambassador Program?

Bulldog Ambassadors share UNC Asheville news, programs, and info through your social media channels and join a community of proud Bulldogs.

Why become a UNC Asheville Ambassador?

Share Your UNC Asheville Pride

We will send monthly curated posts and provide fund opportunities to create your own to share your Bulldog pride.

Be the first to hear about UNC Asheville news, get special content, and invitations to exclusive events.

Win Fun Prizes

During special events throughout the year, you'll receive exclusive prizes for helping us spread the word on your social media channels.

How to Become a UNC Asheville Ambassador


Let us know you want to become a UNC Asheville Ambassador!

You should:

  1. Have at least one personal social media profile.

  2. Be willing to share your network and your passion for UNC Asheville with your friends and family, and show the world your Bulldog pride!

Email Shannon Dale at sdale@unca.edu with your name and contact information to register. Include your full name, contact information, and the URLs to the social media pages you will be using to share your content.

Follow us on all your social media profiles. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

HOw to participate

Share Content

Each month, we will send an email with curated content for you to share on your social media channels.

Get Creative

Create your own unique UNC Asheville content - share stories from your time at UNC Asheville, respond to our online polls, and tag us in your photos when you visit campus.

Include #UNCAvl and #BulldogAmbassador in each post so that we can track your impact.

Special Events = Special Swag

In addition to our monthly content, there are special events or challenges during the year when we are looking for our ambassadors to go the extra mile to use your social media influence to spread the word, share content, and tell others why you are proud to be a Bulldog. When you participate in these special days, you also receive special swag!


Lend a virtual paw and uplift new students as they transition to life at UNC Asheville!

Send an #AvlPawPrint to a new student to ​share your words of wisdom, encouragement, and advice. Your message will be emailed to first-year students, along with ways they can connect with alumni​ like you​ through the Student Alumni Association.

Despite things being a little different this fall, you can help UNC Asheville students follow in your paw prints and make the most of their first year as a Bulldog!

1) Submit a Paw Print

Send an #AvlPawPrint to a new student to share your words of wisdom, encouragement, and advice.

Your message will be emailed to first-year students, along with ways they can connect with alumni like you through the Student Alumni Association.

2) Spread the word

Share the link below and your paw print message using #AvlPawPrint on social media.


3) email your screenshots

Email screenshots of your social media posts to Shannon Dale at sdale@unca.edu.

Exclusive social media headers

Complete all three steps and we will send you these exclusive UNC Asheville campus-themed social media headers to share your UNCA pride.