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Miguel Tovar | MSc Student

October 3, 2022

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Events 2021

    • Digital medical records using Blockchain by Salomon Cadena

    • Modus Operandi TeamTNT by Juan Jesús Pulido

    • Phishing detection using ML by Daniel Barreiro

    • Detection of mathematical expressions using visual computing by Jonathan Ortiz

    • Classification of network attacks by Juliana Arévalo

Events 2020

    • State of the art obfuscation by Leonardo Escobar | September 14th

    • Augmented reality participatory planning by Dilver Huertas | September 21th

    • Android malware detection by John Erick Halford | September 28th

    • Phishing Detection by Daniel Barreiro | October 5th

    • IDS with machine learning by Juliana Arevalo | October 19th

    • Model for validation of COL documents by Andres Diaz Hernandez | October 26th

    • (k,j) algorithm obfuscation and Hilbert spaces by Leonardo Escobar | November 9th

    • Augmented reality participatory planning by Dilver Huertas | November 23th

    • State of the art industrial IoT by Nicolas Enciso | November 30th

    • Blockchain by Salomon Cadena

Events 2019

  • Second cybersecurity event JCUN 2019 Universidad Nacional de Colombia:

Artificial inmune system for intrusion detection | Juan Jesús Pulido

Password guessing using machine learning | Michael Guerrero, Christian Ortíz

Computational model for automatic detection of malicious URLs using machine learning | Nicolas Ricardo Enciso

Data sets for intrusion detection with machine learning in software defined networks | Juliana Arévalo