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Research Interest

· Image processing / Computer Vision System (Applications to underwater robot/autonomous vehicle), Intelligence System.

· Arduino/Raspberry/National Instrument (NI) MyRio application.

· PLC and automation

· Photovoltaic, sustainable and regenerative energy

· Object tracking, detection/recognition

· High Efficiency Constant Current Source

· Mobile Robot

· Mechatronics, Sensors and Instrumentation System

· Automation, Pneumatic/Hydraulic/Programmable Logic Controller

Areas of Expertise & Teaching Subjects

· Automation, Pneumatics and Hydraulics, Electro-pneumatic/hydraulic, Sensors, Instrumentation and Actuators , Mechatronics System

· Automation, Industry Robot, KUKA Robot/YASKAWA

· Automation, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

· Electrical Technology & Electronics, Electrical Components & Devices

· Image Processing, Underwater Image Processing, Enhancement

· Fluid Drive System (Pneumatic & Hydraulic)