The University Imaging Centers offers assistance in illustration and figure design for your publications.

Whether you already have a sketch in mind or just an idea, we are here to help illustrate your research clearly and professionally.


Working with the UIC on an a publication illustration is simple and straightforward. Below is an outline of the process we use when working with you to illustrate your idea.


  • $27.50 per Hour of Design/Illustration Time.
  • There are no fees for initial project consultation.
  • An estimate will be provided during the initial consultation based on the scope of your project.


  • Initial Consultation
  • Drafting
  • Final Touches
  • Deliver Final Files
  • Acknowledgement

Initial Consultion

The first step in working with the UIC on a publication illustration or figure design is to get in touch. If you have project in mind send an email to Alex Cramer (

We will setup a time to meet in person to discuss your ideas and talk about the project details.

Here are few examples of questions we will talk about during the initial consultation.

  • What's the idea you're illustration needs to convey?
  • What illustrative style are you interested in? A cleaner more refined look? hand-drawn? "Like a textbook"? If you have a style in mind, bring an image to show!
  • What's the timeline for your project? Do you need this tomorrow? next week? end of the month?
  • How large of space do you have for your figure? We want to take into account the complexity of your research concept given the allotted space to maximize the clarity of the illustration in conveying your idea.


Once we have discussed the details of your figure we will enter the draft phase. During this time we will work with you via email and in person as the illustration progresses to make sure the project is turning out as you envisioned.

It's very possible an illustration turns out entirely different from our initial conversations and drafts, that's OK!

If you are working in a group or require PI/Director approval this is the step to get everyone involved. As we progress further and into the final touches phase going back for revisions is very time consuming, and depending on the medium of illustration - might not be an option.

Final Touches

The final step before we prepare the files for you to receive. Here we will go over the little details and do a final review of the illustration. In general, minor revisions are still OK at this point, but anything larger will be time consuming (although still an option).

Deliver Final Files

Your illustration is complete and publication ready. You will receive a bundle of files ranging from the original formats the design was completed in (Raw Scan TIFFs, illustrator Ai files, or Photoshop PSD's) as well as a high resolution composite TIFF.


The most important step! (for the UIC). Once you've received your illustration files and build them into your publication please acknowledge the University Imaging Centers. Every acknowledgement helps us continue to provide professional resources for your research endeavors.

For Example:

  • Illustration by Alex Cramer, University of Minnesota - University Imaging Centers,
  • Figure Design by Alex Cramer, University of Minnesota - University Imaging Centers,

Finally, Please provide a copy of any publication for our files.

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