Online-Only PSEO

Online-Only PSEO

Alternative Enrollment Option for Distance Learners

Can't Get to Campus?

Online-Only PSEO is an alternative program enrollment option designed for PSEO students who are unable to travel to campus for required program components such as:

Who should consider Online-Only PSEO?

Consider Online-Only PSEO only if ALL of the following apply to you:

  1. You know for certain that you only want to take completely online courses throughout your entire time in UMTC PSEO
  2. You have reliable computer/internet access*
  3. You can commit the same amount of time to online courses as you would to in-person courses
  4. You have a self-directed and independent learning style

*PSEO does not provide students with laptops, tablets, etc. to complete online coursework.

DO NOT choose Online-Only PSEO if you want the option to ever take in-person or partially online/blended courses in UMTC PSEO.

General PSEO vs. Online-Only PSEO

See the table below to understand the differences between the general PSEO program and the Online-Only PSEO alternative program.

PSEO vs. Online-Only PSEO


To learn about online courses in PSEO, see the Online Courses page.

To see which common courses are offered online by subject, see the Meeting High School Requirements section and visit the page for the subject you're interested in.

Online course selection is limited. Interested students should investigate online course offerings before deciding to enroll in the Online-Only PSEO program.


  • Online-Only PSEO students may choose to have their required textbooks/materials shipped from the Bookstore to their home address.
  • PSEO funds cannot be used to cover shipping and handling charges, so students are responsible for paying for shipping and handling of textbooks/materials.

Extended Return Deadline (for Shipped Textbooks/Materials)

  • The extended return deadline is exactly one week (7 days) from the last day of finals, to allow for shipping time.
  • Students are responsible for returning their textbooks/materials to the Bookstore Scholarship Desk by the stated deadline, including paying for return shipping/handling charges if returning items via mail.


If I'm an Online-Only PSEO student, can I change my mind later and take classes on campus?

No. Online-Only PSEO students do not go through on-campus orientation, which is required to take classes on campus through PSEO. Your decision to become an Online-Only PSEO student is binding through your entire PSEO enrollment at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

When do Online-Only PSEO students register for classes?

New Online-Only admits will register on a specified date, following the completion of Online-Only Orientation (see the section below for specific dates and deadlines).

For all other semesters, Online-Only students register at the same time as students in the general PSEO program.

How to Enroll in Online-Only PSEO

For Fall 2019 Admits

Complete the following steps to enroll in the Online-Only PSEO program:

  1. Complete the PSEO Welcome Site (link included in your admissions email)
  2. Complete the PSEO First Steps site. Do not register for an on-campus orientation date.
  3. Follow the link in PSEO First Steps to Online-Only PSEO Orientation, and sign the UMTC PSEO Online-Only Student Agreement (last step of orientation) when complete.

Dates & Deadlines (2019-20)

Monday, July 1

DUE: Online-Only Orientation and signed Online-Only Student Agreement

Tuesday, July 16 @ Noon

Registration opens for Online-Only PSEO students