New PSEO Student Orientation & Registration

PSEO Orientation & Registration

PSEO orientation and registration happens in stages during the summer. There are no required on-campus events. Orientation information and instructions will be provided to admitted students on May 27, 2022. Students who complete summer orientation may choose to defer their enrollment until the spring semester.

For questions, contact our office, pseo@umn.edu or 612-626-1666 [leave a voicemail and staff will return your call in 1-2 business days].

Orientation Schedule (Summer 2022)

May 27 - July 1

  • REQUIRED: Sign up for the PSEO registration day (due July 1).

    • You are required to register for the webinar even if you can not attend it. If you’re unable to attend the webinar, a video showing how to register will be provided to you before registration opens on July 21.

  • REQUIRED: Complete the PSEO First Steps online modules in Canvas (due July 1)

    • You’ll be asked to complete a set of required online modules at your own pace by July 1.

Early June - July 14

  • Advisor Collaboration Period

    • Once students sign up for PSEO registration day, they will be assigned a PSEO advisor. Their advisor will share a Google document with them that includes course recommendations and initial resource suggestions personalized to the student. Students will have the opportunity to write their own comments on the shared document and go back and forth with their advisor as they prepare for fall registration.

July 21: PSEO Course Registration Day

  • PSEO course registration opens

  • REQUIRED: Attend the Registration Day Zoom Webinar (9:00 - 11:00 a.m.)

    • The PSEO advisors will demonstrate how to register for courses and answer questions as students register. If students are unable to attend the Zoom webinar, a video showing how to register will be provided to students before registration opens.

After Registration

  • OPTIONAL: Zoom Advisor Drop-in Hours

    • Individual Zoom advisor drop-in hours for fall registration support will be available after registration opens on July 21. Dates and times will be shared with students closer to the registration day.

August 17

  • OPTIONAL: On-campus PSEO Open House

    • PSEO staff will host an open house for new students to connect with current PSEO students, find their fall courses (if they are on campus), get their books (if available), and take a tour of campus. Morning and afternoon sessions will be available.

Disability & Accommodations

We value disability as an aspect of diversity and want to ensure that you are able to fully participate in all programming available to you. It is extremely important to us that each of our PSEO students has the same access, support, and opportunity as everyone else.

If you have a disability or health condition, or suspect you have one, and would like to have a confidential discussion about accommodations, please do the following:

Prior to your PSEO Orientation date

    • Contact the Disability Resource Center (DRC) by email, drc@umn.edu, to learn about their accommodations/services. If you need to reach out by phone, please call 612-626-1333 and leave a voicemail. Someone will return your call or respond by email as soon as we are able. Some accommodations may take a few weeks to arrange, so it will be important to connect with the DRC staff as soon as possible.

    • If appropriate, schedule an appointment time for after your PSEO orientation date.

After your PSEO Orientation date

    • After you've registered for courses, you'll be able to attend any appointments you might have made with the DRC staff.

Note: you should do this even if you think you might want accommodations. If you had an IEP or 504 plan in high school, or any specific diagnosis that may impact your learning in PSEO (not just in orientation), you should reach out to the DRC - even just to see what they have to say. Contacting them is just the start of a conversation. It doesn't lock you into anything.

DRC Contact Information

Phone: 612-626-1333 (V/TTY)

E-mail: drc@umn.edu

Campus Address: 180 McNamara Alumni Center, 200 Oak Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455