This webpage houses U of M Twin Cities (UMTC) PSEO specific information on COVID-19's impact on our program. New information will be added as it becomes available.

Last updated: 3/26/20 @ 11:20 a.m.


    • PSEO staff will be working remotely starting Wednesday, March 18.
    • To contact our office, please email us at
    • As a last resort, students, parents, and high school staff can leave a voice message on our office phone line, 612-626-1666, and one of our staff will return your call in a day or two.




    • The academic year 2020-21 admission deadline (postmark) has been extended to May 15.
    • With the new May 15 deadline, all application materials must have a May 15 postmark or be electronically submitted to our office by May 15 at 11:59 pm. Due to this extended deadline and condensed time frame for processing, we will not be considering late applications this year.
    • To speed up application processing, we are asking families and high schools to submit application materials electronically. See the next section for guidance.

Application Instructions

    • Full application instructions can be found on our website.
    • Submit all documents and transcripts via email to if possible
    • We are intermittently in the office to process mail; there may be some delay in processing mailed items (up to 2-3 weeks). Be assured anything postmarked on or before May 15 will be considered on time.

Admission Decisions

    • Admission decisions will be emailed to students on Friday, June 26 (instead of May 29) using the student email address provided to us via their online application.

Submitting Application Materials Electronically

General Instructions for Documents

  • Typed signatures will be accepted on ALL forms, including the PSEO Notice of Student Registration (NOSR) 2020-21 Form. Wet signatures are not required.
    • A new PSEO Notice of Student Registration (NOSR) 2020-21 Form was posted on 3/24/20 which allows for typed signatures.
      • The older version of the form ("digital signature option") requires electronic signatures through a program like Adobe Acrobat Reader. Both typed signatures and electronic signatures are accepted.
      • Remember to first download a copy of the document, then fill out the copy of the downloaded form. Forms filled out in a web browser may not save correctly.
      • You may need to save the document by choosing "print," then "print to PDF" in order to save the file correctly.
    • A new Balance Sheet was posted on 3/24/20 which allows for typed fields.
      • We will accept high school balance sheets without counselor signatures; The counselor name and email address is sufficient.
  • Scanned photocopies of documents, and clear, high-resolution pictures of documents (e.g. from a cell phone camera) are both accepted.


  • Unofficial transcripts, photocopies, and clear, well-lit pictures of transcripts are accepted (you can take your transcript out a sealed envelope to scan or photograph it).
  • If using Parchment or another electronic transcript service, send your transcript to
    • Do not select "University of Minnesota Twin Cities" as an option when sending transcripts, as your transcript will be sent to the wrong office. Use the email address above.


Students admitted to our program for the 2020-21 academic year will have a short turnaround time to sign up for one of the 1/2 day required orientation sessions: July 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, 21, 23, 24, 27, or 28; make-up sessions are on August 13 OR to complete an online orientation if enrolling in Online-only PSEO.

    • Our in-person orientations are currently scheduled to be conducted on campus; We will develop a plan for virtual delivery if needed.
    • These are our tentative orientation dates. Given the changing landscape, these dates may change; We will update this site as needed and communicate with students that applied if any changes occur.

If students are unsure about attending the U of M PSEO program in the fall given the uncertainty of the COVID-19 virus, we recommend signing up for an orientation session. Students can always cancel their admission or defer to the spring 2021 semester.


Information for currently enrolled PSEO students at the U of M Twin Cities campus


    • Textbooks and materials from Spring 2020 do not need to be returned to the U of M Bookstore Scholarship Desk. Please keep your textbooks and materials. You will not be charged for these items.
    • High school juniors using textbooks that will be used for a fall 2020 semester class (i.e., Math 1271 Calculus 1 textbooks is used for Math 1272 Calculus 2), will not need to complete a reissue form.



      • In support of students in these unprecedented times, all University of Minnesota Twin Cities undergraduate students have the option to change the grade basis for courses from A/F to S/N (satisfactory/not satisfactory) for any number of spring 2020 and/or B-term (second half of term) courses. Grading basis changes must be submitted by April 30, 2020. NOTE: UMTYMP courses will remain A/F.
          • Two policies are being temporarily suspended to accommodate this change:
              • S/N course grading basis will be accepted for major (and minor) requirements.
              • Limits to S/N policies will be expanded as necessary for students who change course grading basis. APAS will be updated as needed in May 2020.
      • PSEO students need to receive confirmation from their high school counselor that their high school will accept the pass/fail grade.
      • Please be thoughtful as you decide whether or not to change grade basis for any or all of your spring 2020 courses. As a reminder of the difference between S/N and A/F grading:
            • In order to earn an S in a course, you need to earn a letter grade of at least C- or higher. If you earn an equivalent letter grade of D or lower, you will not receive credit for the course and a grade of N will be posted to your transcript.
            • The S/N grade does not carry grade points and is not part of the GPA calculation. The N grade does not count toward any academic degree program.
            • In A/F grading, a letter grade of D or higher is acceptable for receiving elective credit and liberal education credit. A letter grade of D is not acceptable for major coursework.
        • Consult with your PSEO advisor first about the pros/cons and please consider the following:
            • You do not need to make this decision right away! You have some time to see how these next couple of weeks go with a new method of instruction.
            • Changing your grade basis should be a last resort. Be sure to discuss your future academic plans with your PSEO advisor.
            • Are you likely to earn a strong grade in the course? Many faculty have been asked to be flexible and if this is your experience, your grade may not be negatively impacted.
            • Consider your licensure, graduate, or professional program goals as some programs may not accept S/N grading basis in prerequisite courses.
            • The decision to change one’s grading basis cannot be reversed. If you choose to change the grading basis from A/F to S/N it will not be possible to reverse your decision at a later date, even if your performance is very strong.
        1. First, be sure to check in with your PSEO advisor about the pros/cons of making this change.
        2. Email your high school counselor to confirm they will accept a pass/fail grade for your course or courses. Be sure to discuss the impact this pass/fail grade may have on your graduation requirements.
        3. Forward that email to your PSEO advisor asking them to change your grade basis to S/N and list the course or courses you’d like changed. This must be completed by April 30.


      • The last day to cancel classes without college approval is moved to May 1 for full semester and B Term courses. A W will appear on your transcript.
      • To drop a course, email your PSEO advisor to initiate the process.