Online Courses

Online Courses


Online courses can be taken in one of the following formats:

  • Blended (in-person class with online component)
  • Online (completely online)

Time Commitment

Students should expect to commit the same amount of time to online and blended courses as fully in-person courses. Students must be self-directed and enjoy independent learning.

Course Options & Availability

Course Options & Availability (Twin Cities Campus)

Limited online course options; not many online courses fulfill high school requirements.

As a result of the limited online course offerings, we recommend applying to other PSEO institutions with more options. The Minnesota Department of Education website publishes a list of participating postsecondary institutions to which you can apply.

For a list of common courses offered online in each high school subject area, visit the subject area's page in the Meeting High School Requirements section of the handbook.

Not Available

    • Art
    • Chemistry (optional labs not available online)
    • English
    • History
    • Physical Education

Very Limited Availability

    • Biology
    • Economics
    • Math (most online sections fill by the time PSEO students register)
    • Music

Online and Distance Learning (ODL) & Extended Term Courses

Certain courses with section numbers that include letters A through E and do not have class dates or times are called Online and Distance Learning (ODL) or extended term format courses.

Courses with section numbers that include an A are "term-based" and run according to a regular one-semester schedule. These courses are potentially open to PSEO students.

Courses with section numbers B through E are extended term and allow students to complete the course over 9 months. PSEO students are not permitted to take the extended term courses since they do not have any structured deadlines or active faculty support.

Course Options (U of M: Crookston, Duluth, Morris)

U of M Twin Cities PSEO students also have the option to take online courses at U of M Crookston and Morris. Current U of M PSEO students must initiate the process to take an online course at another system campus with their PSEO advisor. Explore these links for course information:

Reminder: current U of M Twin Cities PSEO students should NOT apply directly to these programs. Start with your PSEO advisor to initiate the process.

Find Courses

Search for Twin Cities Blended & Online Course Options

Complete the following steps to see the online course options available to U of M Twin Cities students.

  1. Go to Schedule Builder.
  2. Select the TERM. [Note: PSEO only covers fall and spring semesters.]
  3. Click on CLASS SEARCH (left-hand menu).
  4. For COURSE NUMBER, indicate LOWER DIVISION COURSES (1000-2999).
  6. For ONLINE/BLENDED/IN-PERSON, indicate desired format (COMPLETELY ONLINE or BLENDED). [Note: Do not select ODL]
  7. Click SEARCH.