Communications in MyU

Alerts, Notifications & Holds

MyU Alerts

Alerts functionality is used to standardize and deliver urgent communications to individuals, groups, or the entire University community. Use of alerts is infrequent.

MyU Notifications

Notification details are in the upper, right-hand corner of MyU. A number is displayed indicating the number of active notifications. Notifications are action items an individual needs to perform.

Clicking on a notification will open a light box with all of the details. It's also possible to dismiss or un-dismiss notifications. Notifications will eventually expire, based upon an expiration date set by the business unit that sent the notification.


Holds appear only for students. Holds details can be found in the upper, right-hand corner with a flag icon. A number will indicate the number of active holds for the student. If the student has no holds, no number will display, but the holds icon will remain.

Clicking on the title of the Hold will display the details within a light box: