Step 1

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The Best Practice Actions to achieve Step 1 recognition are in the Organizational Leadership Category. They lay the foundation for green school success by establishing a green team (Best Practice 0.1) and establishing the support of the district and participating schools (Best Practice 0.2). Completing these two best practices and sharing the story of your Step 1 project is all that is required to achieve Step 1 recognition (and your district's GreenStep Schools web page) in the MN GreenStep program.

To Apply for Step 1 Recognition

  • Complete Best Practice 0.1 Green Team: Participating districts and schools form a green team made up of stakeholder representatives. The committee is the core of the green schools process, both organizing and directing school greening activities. It should consist of the stakeholders of the district's and schools' environment: students, teachers, custodial staff, caretakers, parents, and administrators. One representative from the district's Green Team must be identified as a contact person for the program. There should be at least one representative from each participating school on the main green team. Schools may wish to have school-based work groups in addition to the district green team. Learn more

  • Complete Best Practice 0.2 GreenStep School Resolution: The school district passes a resolution to participate in the Minnesota GreenStep Schools program. The resolution includes sign off from principals of participating schools, and identifies the MN GreenStep Schools Representative. The resolution must also specify Green Team meetings at least 3 times per year, and commit to annual program review and confirmation of whether the submitted best practices are current (active for the reporting year, or inactive). Districts and schools decide the pace of their progress. There is no requirement to advance in best practices or step levels at any particular rate. Learn More & See School Board Resolution template

  • Complete the Step 1 Form: This form, (which is a customized version of a project story form) includes general information about your district, participating schools, your Green Team, your GreenStep School Resolution, and your project story. You can submit the form as a draft and return to edit it before sending it on for program review.

Program Help and Review

If you have any questions or would like assistance along the way, please contact

After you submit the Step 1 Form for program review, program staff may contact you for follow up questions.

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