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School and Environment Organizations Expressing Support

University of Minnesota Institute on the Environment and Minnesota Design Center, have been working with Minnesota Pollution Control Agency as well as Youth Eco Solutions (YES!) to further build the Minnesota GreenStep Program. This work happens within a networked community of leaders interested in green schools. We are pleased to have support for the program expressed by these organizations

In-Kind Support:

  • Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • Minnesota Department of Education
  • Minnesota Department of Health

Additional Organizations Expressing Support:

  • Minnesota Association of School Administrators (MASA)
  • Minnesota School Boards Association (MSBA)
  • Environmental Quality Board (EQB)
  • Minnesota Association for Environmental Education (MAEE)
  • US Green Building Council-Minnesota (USGBC-MN)

Some Statements of Interest and Support

The green economy is one of the fastest growing parts of the American economy and preparing the students of Minnesota for that future is critical to their success and the economic health of the state. GreenStep Schools is an innovative program to achieve that goal. It creates a one-stop shop that integrates the many one-off efforts to green schools, which are admirable attempts but uncoordinated and less effective as a result. This program will take what has worked so well at the municipal scale [in GreenStep Cities] into our schools, where students can acquire the skills they will need in order to thrive in the future. I urge your support of GreenStep Schools. It will be transformative for Minnesota’s schools and its students.

- Thomas Fisher, Director, Minnesota Design Center, University of Minnesota

The Green Step Schools program advances student achievement, builds healthy school environments and preserves precious natural resources. It has the right team and builds off a proven model. The Institute on the Environment is committed to its successful deployment across all of Minnesota.

- Jessica Hellmann, Director, Institute on the Environment, University of Minnesota

I am so pleased to see the Minnesota GreenStep Schools initiative moving forward. I know it will be embraced by students and schools around the state.

- Tom Hoff, Southwest West Central (SWWC) Service Cooperative, Marshall, MN

We are excited to support this work [GreenStep Schools] to ensure schools are all invested in environmental education and sustainable practices.

- Jenna Totz, Minnesota Association for Environmental Education (MAEE)

The best approach to getting kids to take part is to make them part of the process.

- Donna Hanson-Kaasa, Northern Lights Community School, Warba, MN

Schools have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership, save money, and educate our children about addressing perplexing global challenges. GreenStep Schools will be the guiding initiative.

- Peter Lindstrom, Mayor, City of Falcon Heights (GreenStep City), MN