Max Dresow



I am a philosopher of science working on historical and conceptual issues at the intersection of the earth and life sciences. Currently, I am a PhD candidate at the University of Minnesota and a graduate fellow at the Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science.

Pictured: philosophers getting in some rare fieldwork at the Mount Stephen trilobite beds in British Columbia.

Work to be featured in graduate student showcase

I'm excited to announce that my research will be featured in a graduate student research showcase at the College of Liberal Arts' (CLA) 150th Anniversary Closing Celebration, June 8! This is a closed event, so I can't encourage drop-ins, but I wanted to share the exciting news.

New Paper Available Online

My paper, "Macroevolution Evolving: Punctuated Equilibria and the Roots of Stephen Jay Gould's Second Macroevolutionary Synthesis" is now available to read online at Studies C

IUHPST 2019 Essay Prize Runner-Up

My essay, "History and Philosophy of Science After the Practice-Turn: From Inherent Tension to Local Integration" has been awarded the runner-up prize in the IUHPST 2019 Essay Prize in History and Philosophy of Science. (Follow the link for a .pdf)

New Review in Metascience

My review of Adrian Currie's Rock, Bone and Ruin: An Optimist's Guide to the Historical Sciences (MIT Press, 2018) is now available to read in Metascience

Philosophy of Science and Scientific Practice

Some of my work was recently highlighted on our department's website (along with my unconventional academic trajectory). Thanks to Alex Jensen for the nice write-up.

Philosophy of Ecology at PSA 2018

Recently, I had the chance to present some of my work in philosophy of ecology at the Philosophy of Science Association Biennial Meeting in Seattle. Thanks to all (organizers, participants, attendees) for a stimulating session I learned a lot! Copies of my paper, "Articulating an Erotetic Structure for Ecology" are available upon request.

Pictured: a proposed erotetic (problem) structure for ecology.

Minnesota MAP

The University of Minnesota has just launched a new chapter of MAP (Minorities and Philosophy). Major props to Grace Cebrero and Cat Saint-Croix, who were instrumental in bringing this about! The U of MN MAP website is a great place to learn about upcoming events. And please feel free to contact me for more information or to get on our mailing list.