TIPS Project:

Mock strawberry

Starting April 2023 photo, mock strawberry by Richard Carter, Valdosta State University, 

You can help!

Help the University of Minnesota Extension better understand the distribution and density of non-native mock (or false) strawberry, Potentilla indica, in untended and natural areas in Minnesota. This species has been identified in the Twin Cities, Rochester and on the north shore, but we suspect it's more widely distributed than that. 

Mock strawberry ID

Learn how to quickly and confidently identify mock strawberry by visiting this MN Wildflowers website. Notice that the flowers are yellow rather than the white of native strawberry, and the seeds are perched on the outside of the berry.

Photo of mock strawberry fruit and flower by A. Gupta

How to use EDDMapS

This new 4:54 video demonstrates how to use EDDMapS. For this project "positive" means you are reporting the presence of mock strawberry, called false strawberry, Potentilla indica, in EDDMapS. "Negative" or absence reporting is not required for this project, but can be done if you looked for and didn't find mock strawberry.
Please note: mock strawberry is called false strawberry in EDDMapS.

All questions about this project should be directed to Angela Gupta, UMN Extension Forester,