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Squill Hunt

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Squill Hunt Report
squill flowers

You can help!

University of Minnesota Extension volunteers can help us better understand the distribution and density of squill, Scilla sibericais, a non-native spring ephemeral that MN Master Naturalists and others have found during the last few City Nature Challenge events in April.

Until City Nature Challenge volunteers started reporting squill in MN this species wasn't on the radar of many natural resource or invasive species professionals. This year we'd like to better understand where it is and if we should look more closely at regulation or management. photos: right, Ansel Oommen, ; above, Dow Gardens,
squill flowers

Squill identification

Check out this Extension website for more information on squill identification.

Garden plants

Please report squill that has escaped, not squill that's in a tended garden.


Report to one of these:

  1. Great Lakes Early Detection Network smartphone app (GLEDN)*

  2. EDDMapS online

Need a printable identification handout? Check out this great document from Missouri Botanical Garden.