I am a fourth-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. I did my undergraduate degree in mathematics at the University of Iceland.

I study mathematical models of cancer under the supervision of Kevin Leder (Industrial and Systems Engineering) and Jasmine Foo (Mathematics). We apply probability theory (branching processes, particle systems) to study aspects of cancer initiation, tumor progression and treatment resistance, both of the genetic and non-genetic (epigenetic) nature.


  1. Gunnarsson, E.B., Leder, K., and Foo, J. Exact site frequency spectra of neutrally evolving tumors, transition between power laws and signatures of cell viability. In revision, 2021. Preprint.

  2. *Foo, J., Gunnarsson E.B., Leder, K., and Storey, K. Spread of premalignant mutant clones and cancer initiation in multilayered tissue. In revision, 2021. Preprint.

  3. Benjaafar, S., Liu, H., Wu, S., and Gunnarsson, E.B. Dimensioning on-demand vehicle sharing systems. Accepted for publication, Management Science, 2020. [1] Accepted manuscript [2] Journal link.

  4. Gunnarsson, E.B., De, S., Leder, K., and Foo, J. Understanding the role of phenotypic switching in cancer drug resistance. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 2020. [1] Accepted manuscript [2] Journal link.

(*authors in alphabetical order)

Contact Information:

462/466 Shepherd Labs

100 Union St SE

Minneapolis, MN, 55455, USA

Email: gunna042 at umn.edu



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