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Read along with Zach, a 4-H Teen Superhero of Science, as he shares this book about all the things scientists do!

You might be surprised to learn that YOU also do many of these!

Can you count how many of these skills you have done?

teen boy holding up the book titled What is a Scientist?
teen boy sitting at table and holding blue slime

Experiments: Make slime. Test its properties. Then make a different slime of your own recipe!

Be a Polymer Scientist who creates and tests slime and tries to make it better.

Bonus Activity- What's Oobleck?

The superpowers of science this week are: Curiosity and Asking Questions

3 children with safety goggles, looking through magnifying lens, standing with adult helper

(Find how-to videos & resources here) You will DO the experiments at home before Nov. 19th.

Experiments: Let's Not Get Wet! Engineering to Waterproof a Toy

Be an Engineer who has to solve a problem...how to choose the best materials to keep your toy dry in water.

The superpower of science this week is: Designing a Solution using engineering skills

girl holding a ball of bioplastic

Experiment: Create your own Bioplastic Ball! & Test a Mystery Peanut!

Be a Bioplastics Scientist who creates a plastic from plant material, then test some mystery peanuts made of oil and corn!

The superpower of science for this week are: Asking Questions and Investigating

young boy dressed in a costume made of plastic bags

Experiments: Become a plastic litter detective as you explore these outdoor mysteries. Build a plastic sculpture.

Be an Environmental Scientist and a plastics Artist who cares for the earth.

The superpowers of science this week are: Creativity and Using evidence to explain

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