Galen Dorpalen-Barry

PhD Candidate, School of Mathematics, University of Minnesota

E-mail: dorpa003 (at) umn (dot) edu

Office: Vincent Hall, Room 506

206 Church St SE

Minneapolis, MN 55455 USA

Pronouns: she/her/hers

About Me

I am in my 6th (and final!) year as a mathematics graduate student at the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities). My advisor is Vic Reiner. I graduated from Bard College in May 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Math. Some of my other current professional activities include:

Outside of mathematics, I am learning German (working on B1) and recently started learning to roller skate.

Mathematical Interests

Broadly, I am interested in algebraic combinatorics, especially problems related to matroids, posets, and combinatorial aspects of commutative algebra. Recently I've been working on a couple of projects related to hyperplane arrangements, (oriented) matroids, posets, and related topics.