Evaluating education programs

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Hi, I'm Sam and I love data.

I spend my time evaluating the Minnesota 4-H program as well as training for youth workers. I eat, sleep, and breathe evaluation. I like it a lot.

I realize that you probably aren't that in love with evaluation. Lucky you- I've created a site full of amazing resources to support your evaluation needs.

What do you want to know about evaluation?

  • Maybe your boss is asking for some evaluation data.
  • Maybe you want to make your program better.
  • Maybe you don't know what you want.

I can help you!

On this site, you'll find resources to improve your evaluation:

  • Learn more from the participants in your program.
  • Design evaluations to answer your questions.
  • Create reports that get read.

Are you in?

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Don't know what you need?

Top 5 reasons you should evaluate your program

  1. You love your program. It gives you energy and makes you feel like a better person. Evaluation can help you tell others why it's awesome.
  2. You have ideas about how to make your program better. Evaluation data can lead the way!
  3. You don't have time. Hold up - is she telling me to evaluate if I don't have time?! Yes - because if you don't have time, you don't have time to get it wrong. Embed evaluation into your work and it will pay you back. I Promise.
  4. You want to impress your boss. Data are cool and bosses like it. One up your colleague and create a killer evaluation.
  5. Because I said so. (That line might only work with my children.) Take it from an evaluator, it's worth it.

Warning: This site might be fun

  • Remember that I told you I love evaluation? I want to make the thing I love fun for you.
  • My approach is super practical.
  • My goal is to get you to build evaluation into your program. This might take funny videos, focused examples and some witty writing.

What won't you see?

This site isn't created for evaluators. If you are conducting a scholarly or complicated evaluation, this site isn't for you. In those cases, find a local evaluator to help you.

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