Whether it’s about how the commercial tobacco* industry deceived us all, or about all the harmful chemicals in one single vape cloud – here are the truths about vaping.

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the Chemicals

  • Vape/e-cigarette aerosol contains harmful chemicals like ultrafine particles, heavy metals like nickel, tin, lead, and other cancer-causing chemicals.

  • Chemicals vape/e-cigarette aerosol include:

    • Acrolein, which is used to kill weeds.

    • Diathylene, which is found in antifreeze.

    • Benzene, which is found in car exhaust.


  • The commercial tobacco industry lied about targeting teens. Their deceptive marketing, such as promoting candy flavors, was designed to hook kids early.

  • The commercial tobacco industry designs flavors and packaging to attract kids by mimicking candy, sugar cereal brands, and other types of kid-friendly flavors.

  • The commercial tobacco industry has targeted kids as young as 3rd grade by funding youth summer camps, visiting schools and paying community and church groups to distribute materials.

the harms

  • Nearly all vapes/e-cigarettes contain nicotine.

  • Nicotine can change brain chemistry, making it easier for teens to get addicted to nicotine and other harmful substances.

  • Vaping can make you more stressed as the high nicotine content and resulting addiction can increase anxiety and depression.

  • Because it attacks the lungs, COVID-19 could be an especially serious threat to those who smoke or vape.

*The term “commercial tobacco” refers to products manufactured by companies for recreational and habitual use in cigarettes, e-cigarettes/vapes, smokeless tobacco, pipe tobacco, cigars, hookahs, and other products. Commercial tobacco is mass-produced and sold for profit. Commercial tobacco does not include or refer to sacred tobacco that are used by many Native American tribes in spiritual and cultural ceremony and prayer.