Engineering Design Challenge

EDC machine team

By building a complicated contraption that does a simple task, you will learn a lot about science! Work with teammates from your area. Using found or bought materials, make a multi-step machine that sends balls rolling, wheels turning, balloons popping or water dripping. The trick? It has to do the same thing every time.

Registration coming soon.

Level 1: Grades 3-8

  • Level 1 teams focus on mechanical engineering. Their machines must have steps that demonstrate the eight simple machines.

Level 2: Grades 9-12

  • Level 2 teams must understand mechanical steps, plus fluid, electrical and chemical forces that make a machine do work.

Read more about building your machine.


  • Teams begin forming in October.
  • The first competition will be in March 2019 in Mankato.
  • The main challenge event will be in summer 2019. You may also compete at your county fair.
  • Details will be announced in October 2019.
  • Coaches will receive training and support from day one.

Read more about volunteer support.

2018 challenge: Plant a seed and water it

Engineering Design Challenge 2018 was a big success!

In 2018, we hosted our first-ever statewide challenge at two levels. It had conference judging, info about STEM careers, hands-on learning sessions and guest speakers.

The 2019 challenge will be announced soon.