Student Groups

ECE has a number of ECE related student groups. These groups are a mixture of organizations for practical application of ECE, professional bodies related to ECE and specialist groups within the field

Please see here for a listing of and websites of our main ECE related student groups

Other useful CSE and U of M student group and engagement information

  • CSE Student Groups - CSE supports and houses a range of additional student, practical, professional and leadership groups. Some of these can provide additional great opportunities to develop your resume as well as those within ECE.
  • U of M Student Groups - The U of M has hundreds of other student groups in all manner of areas and specialisms. Belonging to any student groups, not even degree related, can be a great addition to a resume - as well as a lot of fun!
  • U of M Student Engagement - There are lots of ways to get involved in student life, add to a resume, contribute or have fun as well as student groups. Student Engagement has lots of other opportunities that might be of interest to you!