The ECE Learning Center in Keller 2-276

OFFLINE: To reserve a table, visit

Note: The ECE Learning Center is currently not available to reserve. We are working on getting it back in use in a safe manner, so hang tight!

The ECE Learning Center in Keller 2-276 is a collaboration space designed to help ECE students connect to their teaching assistants, find available tutoring resources for EE courses, and to meet as groups to study, to work on projects, or to collaborate on other creative or problem-solving endeavors.

You will find HDMI connections for the 55" televisions at each table and plenty of glassboard space for sharing your ideas and knowledge.

The Center is unlocked from 8:00am - 6:00pm M-F and available for reservation everyday, including weekends from 8:00am - 10:00pm (when the building closes). Please reserve no matter when you want to use it. You will need to reserve before 5:00pm on a weekday to receive temporary door access for the evening with your U-Card. On weekends and holidays, request access by 7:00am the morning of your reservation.

See the calendar below for a live schedule.