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Important Information for Graduate Students

  • If you are an international student and need to travel home, you are likely to need a verification letter. You can ask for one by emailing You can expect a turnaround in 24-48 hours during normal work days.
  • If you get a new I-20, typically for leaving the country, you need to do a new I-9 verification on return or you will not get paid.
  • Be careful about when you start jobs outside the university. RA and TA appointments go from the week before the Fall semester until almost the end of May. Any changes that require you to overlap a job offer with that timeframe can impact your tuition benefits and result in a surprise bill. See Jeanine Maiden or Laurel Kascht regarding your appointment dates in this situation.

HR Policies & More

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Flexible Work Arrangements

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering encourages flexible work arrangements when it is better for the employee and does not impact the work of the department. Carefully consider if the following arrangements will make you a more productive employee and discuss with your supervisor if you would like to pursue.

  • Flexible Hours

The policy of the department allows for flexible hours arrangements during the summer, specifically between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Common arrangements include four 10-hour days in a week or 9 (nearly) 9-hour days over a two week period. Flexible hour arrangements during the Fall and Spring are not available except by special arrangement.

  • Working from Home

Telecommuting or working from home is allowed on a case by case basis, so long as it fits with the nature of the position. Arrangements should be discussed with your supervisor and the following four documents need to be filed with the Department Administrator.

  • Inclement Weather

If an employee would like the option to work from home only in cases of inclement weather when commuting to work is hazardous and/or inefficient, then file only the Telecommuting Agreement and select the appropriate option.

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