Conference Calls

Online Account Login Information:

(Available only to a ECE Staff and Faculty)

Intercall Account Information

Steps for setting up a call

1. Login online

2. Click the "Schedule a Meeting" button, select "Express Scheduling"

3. Select "Reservationless-Plus" for Audio products and "None" for Web products

4. Enter meeting details

  • Select both dial-in numbers so that they are available for use with the conference call
  • Designate a meeting topic
  • Select meeting date, time, and time zone of conference call
  • Select duration of call (approximate duration is okay, the call can end before or after the designated time)

5. Edit and add information for "The person scheduling the meeting" and "The person leading the meeting"

6. Review and Submit

Dial-in Instructions:

Call leader :

1. Dial-in to (866) 865-2157 (remember to dial 8 beforehand to dial out if calling from a UMN office)

2. You will be asked for the Conference Code: See Login Information Above

3. You will then be asked if you are the Leader and will need to enter a Leader PIN: See Login Information Above

4. You will be added to the Conference Call.

Conference call attendees:

1. Dial-in using the appropriate number:

  • U.S./Canada Toll-free Dial-In Number: (866) 865-2157
  • Int'l Local (Toll) Dial-in Number: (518) 444-0920
  • Joining from another country? View a complete list of int'l dial-in numbers.

2. The conference call guest will be asked to enter the Conference Code: 8776039489

3. They will be added to the Conference Call.