MSECE Coursework Only


Effective fall 2019, the College of Science and Engineering on the Twin Cities campus approved the name change from the Master of Science (M.S.E.E.) degree in Electrical Engineering to Electrical and Computer Engineering (M.S.E.C.E.). The proposed name change reflects current curricular alignment and the standards in the field

The Graduate Degree Plan must be filed after one acadmic year of study.

MSCE Plan C (coursework only) must meet the paper/project/oral requirement. Indicate on your Graduate Degree Plan at least one course used to satisfy this requirement. Click on link for a complete list of courses which satisfy this requirement.

MSECE Plan C Requirements (Coursework Only)

EE Major Field Credit Requirement = 18

• All major coursework must be registered for A-F.

• All major course work must be numbered EE 5XXX or EE 8XXX.

• Seminars, special investigation or directed study coursework do not count toward meeting the major field requirement.

Other or Minor Credit Requirement = 6

• All other or minor (non-EE) coursework must be registered for A-F.

• Only non-EE 8XXX (no list) and approved non-EE 5XXX, non-EE 4XXX courses (subject to the 4XXX Rule), count toward meeting the 6 credit requirement.

• No seminars, directed study (project) type courses apply toward this requirement.

• To designate a minor, please talk with the minor department to learn their requirements.

A maximum of nine 4000-level course credits may be used to satisfy MS degree requirements.

• Of these, only six credits may be EE 4000-level (regular coursework, no seminars, projects, directed study courses).

• Non-EE 4XXX courses, must be from the approved non-EE 4XXX course List.

• Partial credits from a course are not accepted. If your 4XXX courses add up to 10 you will need to remove one course from your degree plan.


Additional Coursework Credits = 6

• Can include EE coursework 5XXX or 8XXX

• Can include non-EE 5XXX coursework from the approved non-EE 5XXX course list.

• Can include 4XXX coursework subject to the 4XXX Rule.

• Can include EE 8965 Plan C Project I (3 credits)

• Can include EE 8967 Plan C Project II (1-3 credits). EE 8967 will only count if EE 8965 has already been completed.

Limited to 2 credits from the following list (seminars, special investigation, EE 5041):

MOT 4001 - Leadership, Professionalism and Business Basics for Engineers (MOT 4001 counts only toward additional coursework credits, seminar/directed study 2 credit rule)

EE 5041 Industrial Assignment (International Students only)

EE 8190 Electronics Seminar

EE 8210 System Theory Seminar

EE 8230 Control Theory Seminar

EE 8360 Computer Systems Seminar

EE 8370 Computer-Aided Design Seminar

EE 8500 Communications Seminar

EE 8610 Electronics, Fields, and Photonics Seminar

EE 8660 Magnetics Seminar

EE 8925 Ethics in Electrical and Computer Engineering

EE 8940 Special Investigations

NOTE: EE 8970 and EE 8980 do not count toward graduate degree requirements.

**Students beginning their studies prior to Fall 2012 semester, Additional Coursework Credit Requirement = 10.

Total Credits for the Degree = 30

Transfer Credits for the MSECE Degree

Courses taken at another University, which were taken for graduate credit outside of an undergraduate degree program, taught by faculty authorized to teach graduate courses, may be petitioned to be approved for transfer. Credits must be appropriate to the degree and and fulfill a degree requirement.

For a master’s Plan C Coursework only degree, at least 20 University graduate course credits must be taken at the University of Minnesota.

Students Pursuing Two Master’s Degrees

• A maximum of eight credits can be in common between two University master’s level degrees.

Grade/numeric point average formula

Graduate courses on the Twin Cities campus have two main grading basis: A-F or S/N.

Grade point values:

  • A = 4.000,
  • A- = 3.667
  • B+ = 3.333,
  • B = 3.000
  • B- = 2.667
  • C+ = 2.333
  • C = 2.000
  • C- = 1.667
  • D+ = 1.333
  • D = 1.000
  • F = 0.000

Performance Standards and Progress

• Students are required to register every fall and spring term from the time of matriculation to degree conferral.

• Minimum Graduate Degree Plan GPA for graduation is 3.0.

• Coursework must be taken A-F unless only offered S-N.

• Lowest grade accepted on the degree program form is 2.0 (grade C).

• Students whose GPA falls below 3.0 will have a registration hold placed on their account preventing further registration. To have the hold removed they will need to meet with the Director of Graduate Studies.

• With justification Grad 999 can be used once to satisfy fall/spring term registration requirements. Submit your request to Linda Jagerson in 3-166 Keller Hall.

• Students admitted to our program before Spring 2013 must complete their MSEE degree within 7 years of the earliest coursework listed on the degree program form.

• Students entering the program after January 2013, must complete their degree within five calendar years after initial enrollment in the Graduate School.

• Students unable to complete the degree within the time limits described may petition the department and the college for one extension up to one year. Students must obtain the approval of their advisor(s) and the Director of Graduate studies and submit a petition for an a time extension at least six months prior to the end of the time limit. See Master's Degree: Performance Standards and Progress.