Paper/Project/Oral Presentation Requirement

MSECE Coursework Only (Plan C) students should indicate on the Graduate Degree Plan how the paper/project/oral requirement has been satisfied.

● EE 5171 satisfies the written report requirement only.

● The following courses satisfy project and written report requirements. EE 5324 EE 5329 EE 5505 EE 5611 EE 8161

● The following courses satisfy the project, written report, and oral presentation requirements. EE 5235 EE 5364 EE 5602 EE 5811 EE 8611 EE 5301 EE 5371 EE 5613 EE 5821 EE 5327 EE 5545 EE 5657 EE 8337 EE 5333 EE 5601 EE 5725 EE 8591 EE 8965 Plan C Project

The courses listed below satisfy a portion or offer the option to satisfy one or more project, written report, and oral presentation requirements. If you want to use one or more of these courses, we need the instructor(s) to certify what portion of the Plan C requirements you satisfied. Please ask the instructor(s) to email Linda Jagerson at the following information: your name, the course number, the Plan C requirement(s) satisfied (project, written report, or oral presentation).

● List the names of the faculty who will email certifying Plan C project/written report/oral presentation requirements have been met.

● The following courses offer you the OPTION of doing a project, written report, and oral presentation. You must do all three to satisfy Plan C requirements. EE 5621 EE 5624 EE 5627

● The following courses require a project in the course and students choose to do a written report or an oral presentation. EE 5653 EE 5655