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Dorian Smith

About Me

Hi! I love algebra, number theory, complex analysis, combinatorics (graph theory) and mathematics education. Besides studying math I like to read, watch movies, bike and travel.

I received my BS in Mathematics from the University of Arizona and my MS in Mathematics from California State University Los Angeles.  Right now, I am a fifth year doctoral student at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. My advisor is Dr. Vic Reiner.

Teaching - [Instructor of Record]

CSULA: MATH 1083: Precalculus [Instructor-Sp 2019]

UMN: MATH 1031: Precalculus [Instructor-Sp 2020]

UMN: MATH 2263: Multivariable Calculus [Instructor-Fall 2022, Sp 2023]

UMN: MATH 1272: Calculus II (Online) [Instructor-Fall 2023]

UWM: MATH 115: Precalculus [Instructor-Fall 2023]

Teaching Assistant

UMN: MATH 1151 Precalculus II [Fall 2019]

UMN: MATH 1272 Calculus II [Fall 2020, Spring 2021]

UMN: MATH 1051: College Algebra [Fall 2021]

UMN: MATH 1271: Calculus I [Spring 2022]


UMN: MATH 2263: Calculus III [Fall 2019]

UMN: MATH 8201: Grad Algebra I [Fall 2021, Fall 2022]

UMN: MATH 8202: Grad Algebra II [Spring 2022]

Curriculum Development Assistant 

UMN: MATH 1051: Precalculus I [Summer 2021]

UMN: MATH 1271: Calculus I [Summer 2021]