CFAN 3519

Bali - Water & Culture from Rainforests to Reefs

(A Global Seminar in Indonesia, offered over Winter Break through the Learning Abroad Center and the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences)

Details for Winter Break 2018-2019 (tentatively Dec 28 - Jan 19)!

We explore the connections among culture/customs, water, and the environment through multiple modes of study and field excursions on Java and Bali, Indonesia. Our immersion in Indonesian communities allows us to reflect on how we think and act with regard to natural resources and the environment. This 3-credit global seminar is offered during Winter Break and fulfills the "Global Perspectives" and "Environment" Liberal Education themes. The course syllabus, available at the top page tab, more fully describes the learning objectives and set of tentative activities for the program.

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What students say .....

"An amazing journey that was life changing!!!"

"I am so happy to have been a part of this global seminar and to be a part of the first group that had the opportunity to participate!"

"I felt truly immersed in a different culture and got to compare a different way of living to my own, find similarities and differences and allowed me to practice bridging the gap between myself and people that do life in a very different way than I do."

"It was fascinating to learn about different ways that people view water in relation to how I was raised to understand the water resources around me."