Career Coaching

The UBCC is OPEN virtually!

Our Career Coaches & Peer Career Coaches are available through Zoom to help you navigate this virtual recruiting season. We are committed to supporting students of all identities at all points in their career development processes.

We offer 15-min drop-in meetings, 30-min coaching appointments, and practice interviews. Schedule your UBCC meetings online or by emailing

COVID has brought many changes to your internship and job search this Fall. We encourage you to review our COVID-19-related career resources. Our full list of online resources is available here.

We Can Help With:

  • Exploring and choosing majors, careers and industries

  • Identifying strengths, interests, values, and skills

  • Resume and cover letter development

  • Job search strategy and skills

  • Networking resources and support

  • Interview skills and practice interviews

  • Offer evaluation and negotiation

Meet with a Career Coach

We offer 30-min one-on-one career coaching appointments. Appointments can be scheduled online or by emailing If you have questions about coaching availability for time-sensitive offer questions, please email to check same-day career coaching availability.

Students are welcome to meet with any career coach, regardless of major or industry specialty area.

The UBCC offers lifelong support to Carlson alumni. Please view information about alumni services here.

Rebecca Dordel


Specialty Areas: Marketing, Entrepreneurial Management, International Business

Britney Hayes


Specialty Areas: Accounting, Consulting, Management Information Systems, Public & Nonprofit Management, Supply Chain & Operations Management

Lisa Novack


Specialty Areas: Human Resources & Industrial Relations

Xiaoji Zhang


Specialty Areas: Finance, Finance & Risk Management Insurance, Investments & Capital Markets

Meet with a Peer Career Coach

Our Peer Career Coaches are experienced Carlson School juniors and seniors. We offer:

Fall 2020 A-term drop-in schedule: Mon-Thu 10am-4pm, Fri 10am-3pm

Atharva Choudhary


Hometown: Nashik, India

Majors: Management Information System, Finance, Business Analytics

Year: Senior

Organizational Involvement: Carlson Funds Enterprise, Bharat UMN

“The PCC and the UBCC team helped me land internships in my sophomore and junior years and I'm grateful for that. Now, I want to give back to the Carlson community by helping incoming freshmen and sophomores!”

Hallie Anton


Hometown: Sussex, Wisconsin

Majors: Human Resources & Industrial Relations, Strategic Communications

Year: Junior

Organizational Involvement: 180 Degrees Consulting

Formerly Involved In: Minnesota Men's Crew

Interests: Reading, Movies, Listening to Music, Watching Sports

“As a sophomore, I took BA3000 and I absolutely loved the course. I was able to immediately apply the skills that I learned, which helped me improve my resume, cover letter, and interviewing skills. I found that I thoroughly enjoyed the peer review aspect of the course, which is what motivated me to apply to be a PCC!”

Hunter Babcock


Hometown: Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Majors: Marketing, Entrepreneurial Management, and Finance

Year: Junior

Organizational Involvement: Atland Ventures, Carlson Brand Enterprise, UMN Cycling Team, Meals for Minneapolis, Chi Alpha

“I am excited to share insights that will hopefully help you enhance your personal/professional story to recruiters. As a student who has changed career goals/paths multiple times and has a vast array of business interests, I would love to speak to any questions you have. My specific career interests lie in Consulting, Venture Capital, Marketing Research, and the Entrepreneurial space.”

Izabella Raleigh


Hometown: Blaine, MN

Majors: Management Information Systems & Strategic Management

Year: Senior

Organizational Involvement: Women in Business, Club MIS, and many data science challenges with various UMN students

“I am passionate about helping people achieve their dreams! I want to use technology to make the world a better place for us all and I look forward to helping students find their passions.”

Sydney Senne


Hometown: Mankato, Minnesota

Majors: Accounting with a Sustainability Studies Minor

Year: Senior

Organizational Involvement: WIB; SUA Board of Governors

“I work as a PCC because I enjoy helping to strengthen students' confidence by reviewing their resumes and cover letters. Also, I know recruiting can be incredibly stressful so by answering questions and helping students prepare, I strive to help make interviews less stressful.”

Young Ma


Hometown: Cheongju, South Korea

Majors: Marketing & Business Analytics

Year: Senior

Organizational Involvement: Delta Sigma Pi, United States Army Reserve

“I am a U.S Army Veteran student here at the University of Minnesota. I am passionate about diversifying my surroundings through the active sharing of different knowledge, experience, and ideas. I work as a PCC in order to serve the Carlson community by sharing professional and personal experiences and tips with peer students.”