Autism Practice Selection Study

To all the teachers who took time to participate and share their knowledge,


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We are interested in learning more about how teachers select practices to use for their young students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This study is being conducted by Maria Hugh and LeAnne Johnson at the University of Minnesota.

We asked Early Childhood Special Education Teachers who serve at least one student with autism this school year to complete a web-based survey. Over 300 teachers generously provided thoughtful responses. We are currently analyzing the data and will have results to share soon!

A little more information about the survey:

  • Who: Early Childhood Special Education teachers who are working in 3-5-year-old classrooms of any type and have at least one student with autism they currently work with or have worked with this school year.
  • What: A web-based survey that takes approximately 30-min. to complete
  • Why: To help inform researchers and professional development providers support teachers in using practices that are likely to be effective and that teachers prefer.
  • When: The Survey was open March - May 15th. It is now closed.
  • How: Teachers completed an online survey.