Power electronics and firmware r&t intern, cummins, Minnesota, united states

May 2019 - Aug 2019

Worked on projects related to traction inverter hardware validation, firmware and battery pack balancing with Advanced Engineering – Electrification Technologies team, Corporate R&T.

• Assisted in high power traction inverter hardware testing and validation including calibration of current sensors, motor stall current test, abnormal tests, hardware, and software protection tests.

• Contributed towards the development of Analysis-Led Design (ALD) tools like loss analysis of inverter for drive cycle input to facilitate hardware validation.

• Enhanced the simulation model to implement battery pack balancing methods.

• Developed user-interface for data logging in firmware and validated on bench-top firmware setup.

• Summarized functional safety (AUTOSAR) content as applicable to Cummins.

graduate teaching assistant, university of minnesota twin cities, Minnesota, united states

Jan 2019 - May 2019; Aug 2019 - Jan 2020

Course EE1701 – Climate Crisis: Implementing Solutions taught by Dr.Ned Mohan during Spring 2019 and Fall 2019.

• Responsible for designing and teaching the material for some chosen topics.

• Involved in setting up all the assignments, examinations and grading. Assignments include in-class quizzes, weekly homework assignments, reading assignments and in-class presentations.

• Conducting office hours to help students with the course material and assessments.

• Facilitating course redesign and development for completely online course offering.

Systems control engineer - co-op, cummins, Minnesota, united states

Jun 2018 - Dec 2018

Worked on projects related to microgrid Hardware-In-the-Loop simulator with Integrated Energy Systems team.

• Developed solar and energy storage inverter model libraries for realizing models of different fidelity levels.

• Implemented model interface between generator, solar inverters, utility and digital master control hardware.

• Tested, validated, optimized, and documented artifacts for microgrid HIL simulator built using OPAL-RT.

• Cross-functional and global team interactions on a regular basis along with experience in agile development.

research aide, argonne national laboratory (data science intern, eaton), Minnesota, united states

May 2017 - Aug 2017

Worked on projects related to power electronics, smart grid, advanced controls, cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT) with Corporate Research and Technology team.

• Facilitated setup of Energy Management Circuit Breaker using impExplorer kit and coding in Squirrel language for ARPA-e NODES project.

• Sensitivity analysis was carried out along with analysis of voltage control modes for modified IEEE 34 bus system with intelligent devices using MATLAB and Simulink for Grid Edge Control project.

• Accomplished post-processing of simulation data using MATLAB script and presented the results using Power BI.

• Collaborated with global teams and research laboratories like National Renewable Energy Laboratory, MIT lab, Argonne National laboratory; actively participated in presenting to the senior leaders.

graduate research assistant, university of minnesota twin cities, Minnesota, united states

Aug 2016 - Present

Pursuing research in power electronics and renewable energy systems in research group led by Dr.Ned Mohan.

• Involved in electromagnetic design and prototyping of coupled inductors. Finite Element Analysis was carried out using ANSYS Maxwell. Simulation studies were accomplished using Stand-alone PLECS and ANSYS Simplorer.

• Working on integrated magnetics associated with Ćuk converter topologies, robust controller design to facilitate closed-loop operation and integration of various modules to interface photovoltaics to cater to residential solar applications.

• Development of web tool to facilitate parameter estimation of DC-DC converters with integrated magnetics.

• Analysis, design and implementation of variants of Ćuk converter to improve the longevity of power electronic systems in residential solar installations.

• Analysis, design and implementation of single-phase photo-voltaic inverter connected to grid by analysis using standard algorithms and fault ride-through analysis.

• Researching extensively on asymmetrical MMCs for renewable energy integration applications.

• Analysis of fault ride-through conditions in multilevel inverters for renewable energy integration applications.

senior software developer, codefrontier software pvt. ltd., karnataka, india

Dec 2015 - Aug 2016

Worked on end-to-end software solution development with Kellogg School of Management, Chicago as client.

• Built, tested, and deployed scalable, highly available, and modular software products including GUI design.

• Developed code fixes and enhancements for inclusion in future code releases and patches.

• Modified existing software to correct errors and improve performance while leading a team of three.

• Strengthened developmental methodologies by introducing a code quality document.

• Worked closely with clients to establish problem specifications and system designs.

software engineer, exeter software india pvt. ltd., karnataka, india

Jun 2013 - Nov 2015

Worked on all stages of software development life-cycle with US Government and Kellogg School of Management as clients.

• Identified and suggested new technologies and tools for enhancing product value and increasing team productivity.

• Maintained existing applications, debugged software components, designed and delivered new modules.

intern, bosch ltd., karnataka, india

Jan 2013 - May 2013

Worked on Design and Implementation of an Efficient Rotor for an Automotive Alternator (final semester project work).

• Worked on the replacement of existing solid pole-core by coiled pole core and prototyped the model.

• Significantly contributed in simulation and hardware design phases while leading the team of four.

undergraduate student researcher, Electrical and Electronics Engineering group, B.n.m institute of technology, karnataka, india

Jun 2010 - May 2013

Associated with mini projects in the field of electrical and electronics engineering

• Design and implementation of efficient rotor for automotive alternator.

• Conducted residential energy audits to help prioritize energy efficiency upgrades.

• Carried out literature survey on power electronics for renewable energy systems, specifically wind and solar.

• Design and implementation of stand-alone DC power supply.

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• Hands-on learning experience and industry exposure.