Hi, I'm Anna Errore

I have a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering & then one in Business Administration (Supply Chain and Operations, with a minor in Statistics) just earned at the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota.

My research broadly sits at the intersection of Statistics, Management Science, and Engineering.

Specifically, I work on theoretical methodology developments for applications of advanced statistical tools for quality improvement, operations management, marketing, and other areas of business management.

My research has been devoted to optimal experimental design theory and applications.

In my first dissertation in Industrial Engineering, I worked on tools and applications within Six Sigma methodology.

In my second dissertation in Business Administration, I’ve worked on experimental designs based on compound optimization criteria, in terms of design construction, analysis, and applications.

Get in touch via email aerrore@umn.edu


Applied Statistics; Design of Experiment; Quality Improvement; Six Sigma; Decision Making; Predictive analytics; Auction Theory.


Business Statistics; Business Analytics; Quality Management; Supply Chain Management; Operations Management

Journal Articles:

Errore, A., Jones, B., Li, W., & Nachtsheim, C. J. (2017). Using definitive screening designs to identify active first-and second-order factor effects. Journal of Quality Technology, 49(3), 244-264. Link to JQT paper

Errore, A., Jones, B., Li, W., & Nachtsheim, C. J. (2017). Benefits and fast construction of efficient two-level foldover designs. Technometrics, 59(1), 48-57. Link to Technometrics paper

Barone S., Errore A., Lombardo A. (2014). Prioritization of Alternatives with Analytical Hierarchy Process Plus Response Latency and Web Surveys. Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, Vol. 25, 7-8. (2014).

Barone, S., Doverholt, T., Errore, A., & Lombardo, A. (2014). Six Sigma in small–and medium–sized enterprises: A Black Belt project in the Swedish steel industry. International Journal of Six Sigma and Competitive Advantage, 8(2), 125-146.

My school

Carlson School of Management

University of Minnesota

My hometown

Agrigento, Sicily, Italy

My adopted city

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA