Dealing with the complexities of agriculture, the economy,

and the environment have never been easy...

But now there's AgLand: The Game — and it's more than a game!

Simulating Real-Life Decisions and Consequences

Agriculture is much more than deciding what crop to plant and when. It's a world filled with complexities and a wide array of economic, social, and environmental concerns and relationships. In short, it's a world of decisions and consequences.

Now there's a way to practice making those decisions that, in real life, can have monumental consequences — thanks to experts in economics, biology, and computer simulation who developed Agland: The Game.

The interactive adventure relies on group dynamics and cooperation to encourage players to

  • develop strategies for dealing with complex and ambiguous issues
  • think about the consequences of their choices
  • reconsider assumptions they may have about the driving forces behind an agriculture-based economy.

AgLand is a region with farms, rivers, a town, wetlands, and wildlife. Players who are farmers make decisions about crops, livestock, conservation practices, and participation in government programs. Players who are policy makers can decide to offer incentives, levy taxes, and impose regulations to achieve economic, environmental, and social goals. Although the farmers and policy makers can influence each other's results, success also depends on two factors over which neither has control —crop prices and the weather.

To play, you don't have to know that much about agriculture, economics, or wildlife management. The information you need comes with the game, including a sophisticated, computerized database and simulation model. All you need is a few hours, a willing group of players, and an open mind!


  • Local Government Officials
  • Leadership Programs
  • Agency Personnel
  • Community Groups
  • Conservation Districts
  • Students

Our regional extension educators in community economics teach and facilitate the 2-3 hour workshop for your group. To arrange a workshop in your community, please contact:

Ryan Pesch, Regional Extension Educator, Community Economics


To learn more about how AgLand: The Game works, read the Facilitator Manual