Facility arrangements must be made in advance of a 4-H program or activity.

  • If a public or private facility requires a contract or certificate of insurance, the Minnesota 4-H volunteer should notify the 4-H Program Coordinator who will take the next steps.
    • A Minnesota 4-H volunteer must never sign an agreement/contract on behalf of Minnesota 4-H and the University of Minnesota.

  • If utilizing the residential property of a Minnesota 4-H volunteer or 4-H family, ensure homeowners are aware they are assuming some risk by hosting the 4-H program/activity on their personal property.
    • Property owners/landlords are required to take reasonable care to protect those attending from any known hazards on the property. A property owner may be liable for an injury if he/she knew, or should have known, of a potentially dangerous condition on the property that could result in unreasonable risk of bodily harm.