Dan Patch and Youth Leadership Award

Every year since 1966, one member of the 4-H Horse Project has received the Dan Patch Award for overall achievement, leadership and service.. The Youth Leadership Award was added more recently.

The Dan Patch award is for youth in 10th through one year past twelfth grade at the start of the contest year.

The Youth Leadership Award is for youth in grades 6-9.


  1. Enrolled in Minnesota 4-H horse or horseless project for at least two years
  2. At least one year of horse-related leadership.
  3. Participated in at least one of these:
        • Horse bowl
        • Speech/Demonstration contest
        • Judging or hippology team
        • County/cluster leadership workshop, camp or retreat
        • Winter Roundup
        • YELLO or similar county, region, state or national leadership activity

How to apply

Deadline: April 8

Fill out the application form (see instructions below)

Send in an application, completed and signed by the required adults, including resumes and portfolios for the youth. They are judged first on their resume and portfolio by teams of judges using a standard scoring and feedback worksheet. The final combined score from that judging determines the winners of the six State Horse Show trips in the youth leadership group and the top 20 from the Dan Patch division. In addition, these scores are used to award national leadership trips to 20 youth, 14 years of age and older.

Attend judging day June 22, 2019 at First Presbyterian Church, 306 Norway Drive, Foley

Dan Patch top 20 finalists are invited to a judging day held each June. There they are judged by a team of judges on a personal interview, a group problem discussion and a presentation. Scores from that event are combined with the resume and portfolio scores to determine the recipients of the 10 State Horse Show trips and the winner of the Dan Patch award.

Application forms

Dan Patch application This document includes:

  • Phase I application requirements and process
  • Phase II requirements and process
  • Responsibilities for finalists
  • Dan Patch award application
  • Application signature page

State leadership application


Resume score sheet

Portfolio score sheet


Cindy Goldade at cingold35@mac.com, Dan Patch program chair

2019 results

We are pleased to announce the youth leaders who will be stalled in the center aisle for the Minnesota 4-H State Horse Show this year. We had a great group of applicants and all of you who work for this program should be proud of our youth leaders.

Dan Patch Division State show trip recipients

Youth Leadership Award state show trip recipients, based on resume and portfolio

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