Minnesota 4-H State Horse Show

Sept. 13-16, 2019

Minnesota State Fairgrounds

4-H'ers who win in their local county fair horse show can earn a trip to the 4-H State Horse Show. If you qualify, you will receive all state horse show registration forms from your local Extension staff. Follow county rules and deadlines for turning these forms in to your local office.

Challenged riders

4-H'ers with physical or mental challenges can participate in state horse show through this program. Ask your local Extension staff about signing up.

What 4-H'ers need to know

For parents, volunteers and supporters

Rules and policies

  • The 4-H exhibitor and horse must have received a blue ribbon or higher placing at the county level in all classes entered at the state show. The horse ridden to qualify in those classes must be the same one used at the state show.
  • Participants must have completed sixth grade, be no more than one year beyond high school graduation and currently enrolled in the 4-H horse project.
  • The county qualifying shows must have used Minnesota 4-H certified judges from the current 4-H certified horse judges list.

Exception: Step 6 and Level 6 of training and achievement. Exhibitors must complete the program and be recommended by their county Extension educator or horse project leader. Exhibitors are not obliged to complete this test at the county show, but counties are encouraged to include them as part of their shows for demonstration or practice. Exhibitors may test at the state show regardless of their county test score as long as they have been recommended. Read more about horse training and horse achievement.

  • Training project - Those exhibitors entering Steps 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 may show in showmanship if qualified at their county level. Only those exhibitors entered in Steps 4 and 5 are eligible for riding classes, if qualified at their county fair. To qualify you must have a blue ribbon or higher on your training project. If showing in trail, they are counted as part of the county quota.
  • If the county qualification system awards pleasure and game trips, the exhibitor is eligible to participate in both game and pleasure classes, provided that they received a blue ribbon or higher placing on that same horse at their county qualifying show.
  • A member can accept a horse show individual trip and a state fair individual trip. Members may participate in activities (judging, hippology, speech, demonstration, etc.) at both the state fair and the state horse show.
  • Member must own or lease the mare or gelding exhibited. The horse must be identified, certifying ownership and/or management arrangements by May 15 on the animal science ID requirements and processes. 4-H'ers must provide all care, feeding, grooming, training and exercising for the horse from May 15 through to the state show.
  • Horseless horse is limited to members whose household does not own or lease a horse.
  • Substitution of exhibitors (horse and rider team) will be allowed up to 10 days prior to the show.
  • The Dan Patch Award winner and finalists are not part of county quotas. They must pay appropriate fees and must have received blue ribbons at their county shows in the classes they enter.
  • A negative Coggins test is required on all horses on the state fairgrounds and copies must be sent with county registration forms.


Show chairs

Mark Storm, chair, markstormrw@gmail.com

Randy Dokken, chair, ralsdokken@embarqmail.com

Amy DeGroot, show secretary, adegroot@umn.edu

Extension staff

Renee Kostick, Extension educator, horse liaison, hinkx001@umn.edu, 218-232-5174

Amy DeGroot, executive administrative specialist, adegroot@umn.edu, 218-828-2300

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