Xing Guo

Senior Economist, Bank of Canada

[The views expressed on this website are those of mine and not necessarily those of the Bank of Canada.]

Research Interest

Macro Finance, Corporate Finance, Immigration, Open-economy Macro

Contact Information

Address: 234 Wellington, Ottawa, ON  K1A 0G9, Canada

Email: guoxing [dot] econ [at] gmail [dot] com


joint with Panagiotis Bouras, Christian Bustamante, and Jacob Short

Economic Letters, 233, 2023, 111449.

[Published Version] 

Media Coverage: The Global and Mail, Global News, Financial Post

joint with Pablo Ottonello and Diego Perez

Journal of Political Economy: Macroeconomics, 2023, 1:1, 191–241.

[Published Version]

Working Paper

Conditionally accepted at American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics

[Current Version][Previous Version: Bank of Canada Working Paper, JMP Version]

joint with Agostina Brinatti

[Current Version]

Media Coverage: Marginal Revolution

Work in Progress

joint with Alistair Macaulay and Wenting Song 

[Current Version]

joint with Pablo Ottonello and Toni Whited

[Draft coming soon!]

joint with Christian Bustamante and Thomas Pugh

[Draft coming soon!]