Kim, Wooseok. (2021). “Presidents and the Conditional Core-Swing Targeting of the National Subsidy in South Korea, 1989-2018.” Journal of East Asian Studies 21(3): 477-97. (REPLICATION DATA AVAILABLE ON REQUEST)

This data set provides information on the distribution of the national subsidy—a pork barrel good that is highly susceptible to political manipulation—over 345 municipalities in South Korea from 1989 to 2018, along with a novel measure of the core-swing status of municipalities, the majority status of the president's party in the legislature, and a set of control variables.

Party System Institutionalization Scores Data Set, 1945-2018 (IN PROGRESS)

This data set is based on my dissertation project, which estimates levels of party system institutionalization across 96 democracies from 1945-2018 using a Bayesian latent variable measurement approach. The coverage of the data set far exceeds any existing measure of party system institutionalization. In my dissertation, I show that my measure exhibits much stronger empirical associations with theoretical correlates of party system institutionalization than existing measures such as electoral volatility or the age of the main parties.

Partisan Composition Data Set, 1945-2018 (IN PROGRESS)

This data set contains information about the partisan composition of legislatures and governments along with the seat shares held by the parties in 96 democracies from 1945-2018.