About Me

My name is Karthik Urs. I'm a current engineering student at University of Michigan earning a Masters in Robotics and a Research Assistant in EMBiR Lab under Dr. Talia Moore.

I graduated with a BSE in Mechanical Engineering and BSE in Computer Engineering May 2020. I aspire to build robots to explore the extreme and unknown -- space, underwater, underground, or other environments.

My current research focuses on building legged robots to leverage modern dynamic legged robot control strategies as well as biomechanical research. As part of this project, I am also developing custom electric actuators capable of proprioception and high-bandwidth torque control.

Due to the proprietary nature of my industry and research work (pending publication), this portfolio will focus on my work for Michigan Mars Rover (aka MRover). Please explore my engineering and artistic work!


I gave this seminar talk for the Physics, Geology, and Engineering Technology Department at Northern Kentucky University 3/22/2021.

"Learn about some ways to get robotics and space engineering experience during your time in undergrad! I will be speaking about my experiences interning at NASA JPL working on the Mars Perseverance Rover; leading MRover, a student project team; and moving from undergraduate to graduate school and research. I'll be highlighting neat technical topics as well professional tips I learned from these experiences."


ursk (at) umich.edu