Michigan Undergraduate Education in the Third Century

Task Force


The University of Michigan has a history of over two hundred years of leadership in higher education, providing an unparalleled educational experience for hundreds of thousands of students.

Higher education is evolving at a rapid pace while facing both threats and opportunities from technology, financial realities, political expectations and an increasingly globalized world. As the University begins its third century of research, education and service, it is a good time to take a bold and creative look at what we do in terms of undergraduate education across the schools and colleges, why we do it, and how we might do it even more effectively.

In the winter of 2018, Provost Martin Philbert launched a new university task force to examine what it means to receive an undergraduate education at U-M, today and in the future. As the foundation of its work, the task force will analyze and address several questions, including:

  • What do you see as the key purpose of a UM undergraduate education?
  • What have you found energizing, transformative, disappointing, or frustrating?
  • What exciting educational activities are already going on around campus that we should know about?

The complete task force charge can be found here

Record article on the task force can be found here

Community Input: Help Us Answer these Questions!

Members of the task force are very interested in hearing from the University community (faculty, staff, students, alums, etc.) about what you see as the goals or purpose of a UM undergraduate education and what you see as distinctive about a UM undergraduate education. The Task Force is interested in knowing what you have found energizing, transformative, disappointing, or frustrating as well as ideas you may have about what could or should be part of a UM undergraduate education.

To submit thoughts and comments anonymously to the Task Force, go to this Qualtrics survey:


Or, you may send your thoughts and suggestions to the Task Force via email at:


Coordinating our Efforts: Tell us about YOUR initiative on undergraduate education at UM!

Members of the task force are also interested in identifying existing initiatives surrounding undergraduate education within the UM community. Please describe your efforts to enhance UM undergraduate education and contact information through this link:


Or, you may send your thoughts and suggestions to the Task Force directly via email at: