Formal Robotics Education Programs: 

Best Practices and Future Opportunities

We would like to thank all of the panelists and participants at the Forum that was held at IROS on October 5, 2023.  We had some great discussions, and look forward to future engagements.

We have posted links to the presentations within the agenda below.  If you have not yet filled out the survey, please add your contribution to the database.

We look forward to future opportunities to discuss the exciting opportunities, best practices, and challenges in Robotics education.


The goal of this project was to exchange ideas and best practices in formal Robotics education at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  

The IROS 2023 Forum on "Formal Robotics Education Programs:  Best Practices and Future Opportunities” was held on October 5, 2023 in Detroit.

8:30 Informal gathering, networking

9:00 Intro to the Forum

Presentation of survey results (presentation)

Michigan Robotics (presentation)

WPI Robotics Engineering (presentation)

10:00 Break 

10:30 Panel on Undergraduate Programs in Robotics 

12:15 Lunch

1:30 Panel on Masters Programs in Robotics

3:30 Break 

4:00 Panel on PhD Programs in Robotics

5:00 Wrap-up

An initial survey was done to collect data on existing undergraduate and graduate programs in Robotics.  Topics include curriculum, enrollment, faculty expertise, capstone design and other course projects, instructional labs and equipment/supplies, and other relevant factors.  More than 50 responses from all over the world were received; you can still include your information at this link.

After the IROS forum, an article will be written for the IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine, describing the findings of the survey and the insights gained through the forum, including best practices and future challenges for Robotics degree programs.


This form should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete, assuming the needed data has been collected. If you are logged into a Google account, this form will auto-save your progress in case you need to pause and resume your submission at a later time.


Dawn Tilbury

Ronald D. and Regina C. McNeil Department Chair of Robotics

 University of Michigan

Jing Xiao

Deans' Excellence Professor and Head of Robotics Engineering Department

Worcester Polytechnic Institute


The goal of this project is to exchange ideas and best practices in formal Robotics education at the undergraduate and graduate levels. This project consists of three components: