The cell biology of drug addiction. Spatial organization of GPCR signaling. Innovations in fluorescence imaging. Membrane trafficking of signaling receptors. Bioimage informatics. Engineered complex tissues.

Weinberg ❖ Crilly ❖ Kunselman ❖ Lott ❖ Serrano Zayas ❖ Bouley ❖ Venkatraman ❖ Chronis ❖ Hernandez-Casner ❖ Puthenveedu ❖ Chen ❖ Morales Rodriguez ❖ Satyawadi

Jenny Zara Amanda's paper on opioid receptor regulation is out. Celebration time! (2019)

Congratulations Prahatha! Double winner - People's Choice award and second place - at the Postdoc180. Awesome job!