Cell biology of drug addiction.

Innovative fluorescence microscopy.

Spatial patterns of GPCR signaling.

Membrane trafficking.

Bioimage informatics.

Engineered complex tissues.

Chen ❖ Chepote ❖ Chronis ❖ Crilly ❖ Hernandez-Casner Lott ❖ Morales Rodriguez ❖ Kumar ❖ Puthenveedu ❖ Ratnayake

Vistein. ❖ Zajac ❖ Mukherjee ❖ Bowman ❖ Shiwarski ❖ Weinberg ❖ Kunselman Shuvaeva ❖ Bowley ❖ Gulappa ❖ Almaguer ❖ Serrano Zayas ❖ Sakhuja ❖ Nam ❖ Shamie ❖ Sridharan ❖ Darr ❖ Phan ❖ Dates ❖ Vadlamudi ❖ Konan

Very excited to have Adriana start in the lab, off to a fantastic start (2021)

Jenny graduates with a fantastic thesis defense! Congratulations, Dr. Kunselman, first graduate from the UM phase of the lab (2021)

Congratulations to Josh for receiving the Pharmacology Centennial Fellowship (2021)

Jenny and Josh's awesome review on how GPCRs selectively traffic is out in Current Opinions in Cell Biology (2021)

Jenny's collaborative paper on the fascinating endogenous opioid system is published in eLife (2021)

Steph et al.'s paper on how the same ligand puts the same GPCR in different conformations on different organelles is on BioRxiv. (2021)