The Michigan Journal of Medicine (MJM) is a peer-reviewed, student led forum to bring high quality scientific and clinical research generated by the members of the University of Michigan to the scientific community at large. Students occupy all editorial leadership roles for the journal and supply all content. The journal editorial work is conducted under the guidance of world-class faculty at the University of Michigan Medical School, many of whom serve as editors for prestigious international journals such as JAMA and Spine. The MJM serves as a safe, bias-blind venue for young scientists to publish quality research, which will be accepted for publication based on the integrity of the methods. The MJM is produced and published in collaboration with Michigan Publishing, a division of the University of Michigan Library.

Now accepting submissions

MJM is continuing to accept submissions on a rolling basis from all University of Michigan health professional doctoral students. The following students are eligible to submit manuscripts (must be first author): medical, pharmacy, dental, biomedical sciences PhD (within medical school), Nursing PhD, Public Health PhD. All must be medically related topics.

Statement on Publication Ethics

As a double-blind peer-reviewed publication, MJM is committed to ensuring ethical conduct in publication of all its content.

Authors agree:

  1. To conduct research in an ethical and responsible manner, in compliance with relevant laws.

  2. To present results clearly, honestly, without fabrication, falsification or inappropriate data manipulation.

  3. To accurately describe methods clearly, so findings may be confirmed by others.

  4. That submitted work is original, not plagiarized, and not published elsewhere.

  5. To disclose relevant conflicts of interest.

  6. That authorship accurately reflects individuals’ contributions to work and its reporting.

  7. To notify and cooperate with MJM’s editors if significant error or inaccurancy is discovered.

  8. To consult with editors if any of the above are unclear.

Editors and Reviewers agree:

  1. That manuscripts for review will be treated as confidential documents.

  2. To be objective, fair and unbiased, ensuring a fair and appropriate peer-review process.

  3. To decline an assignment if deadlines cannot be met.

  4. To accept or decline submissions within four weeks, and submit reviews within four weeks of accepting a manuscript.

  5. To disclose potential conflicts of interest and, if applicable, recuse oneself from decisions involving the related manuscript.

  6. To identify relevant published work that has not been cited, or instances where proper attribution was not provided.

  7. To notify editor-in-chief promptly if at any point they realize the double-blind peer-reviewed process has been compromised.

  8. To be accountable for everything MJM publishes.

  9. To investigate any reviewer and editorial misconduct and remediate it, as necessary.

  10. To critically assess the ethical conduct of research studies.

  11. To communicate clearly the expectations of MJM.

  12. To consult with the editor-in-chief if any of their duties is unclear.

Additional Policies

Double-blind, peer-reviewed.

Publication Process